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Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop signed a memorandum of understanding with Magic Filmz Uganda

Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop is delighted to sign an MoU with Magic Filmz Uganda on a joint project that is utilising the power of the Arts and culture to tackle the problems faced by people living with ...

Dealrafael Jsp-E and other young leaders deliver at the World Youth Forum

World Youth Forum is an international NGO founded in 2017 based in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. WYF's statement message is "sending a message of peace, prosperity, harmony, and progress from the youth to the entire world"

Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop calls for the streamlining of Hip-Hop through collaborations

Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop has partnered with City Beats Records - Apac, a recording studio located in Apac district and managed by a renowned producer, 2 years Pelare