Hip-Hop Projects

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Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop organizes REMIX conferences, a gathering that brings together practitioners of the different elements of Hip-Hop to explore the future of the creative and cultural industries and the creative economy. We also aim to equip participants with the knowledge and the skills required to connect their gifts, talents and creative arts to community development work. The REMIX conferences are held in various cities in Uganda and attended by hundreds of indigenous Hip-Hop practitioners, cultural leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and media. Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop movement also organizes the LET’s TALK youth program in partnership with ACSET Uganda. The youth program aims to instigate a sense of responsibility, career guidance, skills, and motivation among youth to improve their well-being, academic excellence, job search, placement, leadership, as well as future opportunities regarding their livelihoods. We organize two seminars per month at Lira District Council Hall and other chosen venues to train, mentor, guide, and motivate youth in making the most of opportunities in the areas of academics, scholarship, job search and placement, social life, leadership, and Livelihood opportunities, among others. Other events organized by Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop include regular Hip-Hop boot camps for youngsters in all elements of Hip-Hop (Emceeing/Rapping, DJ-ing, and Beatboxing - using local knowledge, art, fashion, stories, poetry, and Local Languages) to acquire knowledge and use Hip-Hop elements as powerful ways of expressing themselves.

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Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop Movement builds health equity through the transformative power of music, arts, culture and Science. We develop innovative, culturally-tailored, evidenced-based health literacy music and media tools for communities. In 2022, Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop in partnership with the Kwania network Of Young People Living L With HIV/AIDs launched Hip-Hop for HIV Awareness and Adherence to ARVs among People Living with HIV (PLHIV) Campaign. The campaign is entitled “Lego Abongo Mwonyo yat pe Cango Two Jonyo”, meaning "Prayers without taking ARVs cannot cure HIV", encouraging People Living with HIV to pray and stick to taking their ARVs. The campaign reaches a range of audience with information, collecting evidence on how people with HIV have been successful in getting care and staying on treatment, despite the challenges they may face, and encouraging our community to provide social support.

Health Movie Project

Action for Child Social and Economic Transformation (ACSET) Uganda, are working on producing a movie entitled “FRANKA’s HEART”. This movie addresses the challenges that impede the achievement of the 90-90-90 targets, with plays deliberately targeting stigma and discrimination against People Living with HIV (PLHIV). The first part of the FRANKA’s HEART was primarily to: Educate the mass on the myths about PLHIV, Encourage supportive disclosure among PLHIV, Foster adherence to treatment, and to reduce stigma and discrimination among PLHIV through awareness creation and dissemination of accurate and relevant knowledge on HIV/AIDS and the PLHIV, and working with the existing PLHIV networks in the Lango Sub-region to support PLHIV. The FRANKA’s HEART (part I) can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwTGJtkDWVY . We are currently producing FRANKA’s HEART Part II, a play that is contributing to reducing stigma and discrimination against PLHIV and meeting the targets associated with the 90-90-90 targets.

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Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop, in partnership with ACSET Uganda and VART Africa Solutions Limited, launched a Culture and Hip-Hop-inspired community campaign on Climate Change entitled “Trees Are Not Our Commodity”. The campaign intends to make achievements in making climate change a locally rooted conversation among citizens, cultural leaders, Private Sector Actors, and political departments, including the youth councillors as future drivers of the climate agenda in the Lango Sub-region and Northern Uganda. The campaign will, in the end, create a community-based environmental protection movement driven by the involvement of citizens, the private sector actors, and the political-administrative units in the region. Involved in this climate action movement include, the indigenous Hip-Hop practitioners, Climate change activists, and religious, cultural, and political leaders.

Hip-Hop and Agriculture

Since 2019, Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop has been working with the Makerere University Soybean Breeders in using music and the arts as an outreach tool to promote soybean varieties and the GAPs in Acholi and Lango sub-Regions. A soybean song (https://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/31340587) promoting the MAKSOY soybean varieties was produced and launched at Makerere University Agricultural Research Institute Kabanyolo (https://news.mak.ac.ug/2019/01/mak-soybean-breeders-turn-to-music-as-an-outreach-tool-in-acholi-lango-sub-regions/. A soybean song in the Bantu languages (https://www.howwebiz.ug/song/48059/soya-beans-rmx-luganda-version/4862/arthur-dime), was also produced to promote the MAKSOY soybeans varieties among the farmers of the central and Eastern regions of Uganda. This project employs Indigenous Hip-Hop as an extension tool in disseminating agricultural development information.

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Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop organizes Lango Flow rap contests annually to provide a platform for practitioners to showcase their Emceeing ability in the chosen thematic areas. It is an opportunity for youngsters in all elements of Hip-hop to confidently use the mic power and other forms of art as powerful ways of expressing themselves.

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Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop implements S4Y project that aims at equipping youths with market demanded skills that will in the end improve youth and women’s employability, both at self-employment and or achieving meaningful employment with private businesses in their community space and beyond. With the high poverty rate of people living in Lango region, Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop has been instrumental in supporting youth through training in non-formal skill training. We have done this by embedding skills for youth as a key part of our Hip-Hop community events, Hip-Hop Appreciation Week celebrations, and other training organized for youth.